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Icons for Trekkies

If you're a Trekkie and you know it, get an icon!

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I don't know about the rest of you, but whenever I get bored, I start making icons. I made a few the other day and went to post my Star Trek icons at the startrekicons community and realized... oh, wait... I can't. I thought that was a little annoying, so I decided that the world of LiveJournal needed an icon central for Star Trek. I looked for about thirty seconds and didn't see a community for Star Trek icons, so I made one. That said, here you are, reading this info on icons4trekkies.

Anyone can post icons here, but there are some requests/"rules" I'd like to make:

1. Post ONLY Star-Trek related icons.
2. If you have more than three icons to post, use an LJ cut.
3. Don't be bitchy.
4. If you take an icon to use, comment and CREDIT

And that's it! Have fun and post away, Trekkies!

HEY! Check out community ds9_stillness
The community is a non animated icon challenge community for deep space nine and looks like loads of fun! If you looking for series-specific icomyoosikaln challenges/communities, then this definitely fits the bill! The mod, myoosikal, is great and looks forward to gaining new members. Check them out!